Home Wod #91

CrossFit Bielefeld – Home Wod

Home Wod #91 (Time)

Warm Up:

2 Rounds of:

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Step Back Lunges (10/10)

10 Hollow Rocks

Then: Doorway stretch :60/side

Strength: Push Up „Bring Sally Up“

Search for the song „Bring Sally Up“ and then start in the Plank Position

– every time you hear „Bring Sally Down“ go down and back up once you hear „Bring Sally Up“

– try to finish the whole song

Go as long as you can. Once you stop, take 4 minutes of rest and then repeat. If you have finished the whole song, then take 4 minutes and go for an all out set of push ups.


20 Door Rows / Ring Rows

20 Sit Ups

20 Mountain Climber (10/10)

20 Tuck Jumps