Home WOD #123

CrossFit Bielefeld – Home Wod

Shoulder Press

Home WOD #123 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


3 Rounds of:

10 Burpees

8 Hollow Rocks

6 Ring Rows

4 Push Ups

2 Inch Worms

Shoulder Press:



work up to your working weight and then stay the same for all 4 sets.

Use whatever you have Barbell, Kettlebell or Dumbbell ( each arm, if no Barbell )

Only Bodweight Option:

4×15 Push Ups // Rest as needed and weighted if to easy with only Body weight:


EMOM8: 2-6 strict HSPU

Pick a number with which you can complete all sets. Try to stay consistent. Quality over quantity.


Amrap 14

2 Burpees

2 Sit Ups

2 Ring Rows

2 Jumping Lunges

add 2 reps per Round

Single Arm Dumbell Press