Home WOD #119

CrossFit Bielefeld – Home Wod

1: Pull-ups

Home WOD #113 (Time)


EMOMx12: :30 on/:30 off

Min1: Ring Rows

MIn2: No Push Up Burpees

Min3: Jumping Lunges

Min4: Hollow Rocks


Pull-Ups 4×5-12 strict Pull-Ups or Chest to Bars.

Pick a number you can hit all four sets


EMOM10: 1-5 strict Pull Ups/ neg. Pull Ups

If you don’t have a place for Pull-Ups do the same with Ring Rows/Door Rows.


3×10 DB-Row, KB-Row, Backpack-Row per side

Metcon: FOR TIME

2 Rounds of:

30 Burpees

20 Jumping Squats

10 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Rest 2 min between Rounds