Home WOD #104

CrossFit Bielefeld – Home Wod

Home WOD #104 (Time)

Warm Up:

5 Push Ups

10 Good mornings (if possible with a little weight/banded)

15 Air Squats

10 Good Mornings

5 Push Ups

Rest 1min then repeat.


Tempo Deadlifts with KB/DB/Barbell


8 Reps @31X1

( 3 seconds on the way down, hold for one second, explosive on the way up and then hold one second before going into the next rep )

Use whatever equipment you have.

If there is no equipment do:


3 Towel Deadlifts hold for 3-5sec each


4×6 single leg Romanian Deadlifts per side

work up in weight if possible

Metcon: „Karen has no Wallball“

15 RFT:

10 Jumping Squats

10 Push Ups

Rx+: 5 HSPU

Kettlebell Deadlift