Handstand Cycle Day 1

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Handstand Cycle Day 1

Warm Up: 2 Rounds Of:

:60 PVC Lat Stretch On A Box

10m Crab Walk

:60 Banded Int. Rot. Stretch Each Side

10m HS Hops

:60 LAX Trap Smash w./ Moving Arms Each Side


:60 – :90 Lying Partner PVC Behind The Body Stretch

Holllow Work: :30 Each

Total Tuck

One Leg (:15/:15)

Both Legs

Full Hollow

Positioning Strength: 3 Rounds Of:

8x Box Slides (In Socks)

8x Hollow Plank To Wall Push

HS Work: On A Box

:45 Hollow Hold

10x Shrug

5/5 Weight Shift

5/5 Hiup Taps

5x Walk In & Out

Walk In, 10x Shrug, Walk Out

Walk In, 5/5 Weight Shift, Walk Out

Walk In, 5/5 Hip Taps, Walk Out

Maybe Walk Around The Box A Little Bit ­čśë