Gymnastic #9

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Gymnastic Warm Up #7 (No Measure)

10m Walking On Toes (Squezze Quads / Legs Straight)

10m Walking On Toes w./ Arms OH (Butt & Holllow Tight)

10m Walking On The Heels (Legs Straight / Butt Tight / Eyes Forward)

10m Walking On The Heels w./ Arms OH (Legs Straight / Butt Tight / Eyes Forward)

15 Each Arm Circle (SA Forward – Backward, Then OA For The Other Back)

15/15 Arm Coodintation T

One Leg Balance (:30 Open & :30 Closed Eyes)

Duck Walk Prison Style


Gymnastic Strength #4

EMOM For 4 Rounds:

:20 – :30

Hollow Rocks

Arch Rocks

Ring „I“ Hold (Stay In Hollow)

Tucked Front Lever Hold (Shin In Contact w./ Bar)

Ring FLR Hold (Ext. Rot.)

Bridge Hold (Scale To The Wall If Necassary)

Skill Practice

Forward Roll On Rings

Rings Chest High – w./ A Spotter & A Soft Mat

3x :20 Support Hold (Hollow + Act. Shoulders), Change Every :05 Between Int. & Ext Rot.

3×3 Ring Dip (Slow & Controlled To 90°

5x Tuck In Support, Bring Shoulder For & Dip (Ext. Rotation!!!) – Then Controlled Ext. The Arms To Save Exit

3x Add False Grip In Catch To Stay Close, Holg :03 Before Lowering

3×5 Devolop Strength In Transition (Use A Band)

Try The Full Roll 😉