Gymnastic #5 (I-Y-T- Hold / Bacl Lever Hold (Ring))

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Gymnastic Warm Up #3 (No Measure)

2 Rounds Of:

10 Lizard w./ Rotation Each Side

:30 Plank

:10 Thoracic Bridge R

3 Dive Bomber

:10 Thoracic Bridge L

5 Hollow Into Arch

Skill Practice

I-Y-T Hold

Place 3 Ring Pairs In Different Hights & Work w./ A Spotter

Always Start In The Highest Position w./ Hollow Hold – Active Shoulders – Ext. Rotstion & Locked Ellbows:

:05 Left & Right Arm „I“ in Push Ups Position

:05 Full „I“ In Push Up Position & Then Try w./ Long Arms

Try To Work Down The 3 Hights

Do The Same w./ „Y“ & „T“

Back Lever Hold (Ring)

:30 Active Hang w./ Rorsting Shoulder

30: Candle

1 Skin The Cat & :30 Hold

3 Skin The Cat To Low Candle

:10 Tucked Back Lever w./Rounded Back

:10 Tucked Back Lever w./ Flat Back

:10 Straddle Back Lever Or Half Back Lever

:10 Full Back Lever