Gymnastic #2 (K2E/T2B/HeadStand/Handstand)

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Line Up Drill #2 (No Measure)

In A Circle, Running Between Movements:

Walking Lunges w./ Rotation

Walk On Tippy Toes w./ Arms Reach High

Bear Crawl

Plank w./ Changing Direction

Bear Walk

Crab Walk

Handstand Hops (No Measure)

25m One Step – One Handstand Hop @ 1-2-3

Skill Practice

K2E / T2B Practice

K2E: (Strict)

Lying On The Floor, With A Partner

Practice Hollow Position

Change Between Hollow & K2E – Maintain Tension

Try In Hang, (Remember Your High For Practice & Progress)

T2B (Strict)

Start Directly In Hang

Take & Hold Hollow Position

Position Drill 1-1-1-1

Strengh Part:

3×5 @ Position Drill High

Headstand / HandStand Practice


W./ A Partner

Find Position /Tritop – Mid Head

Knees On Ellbows

Tucked Position

One Leg Reach w./ Tactical Feed Back

Both Legs Reach w./ Tactical Feedback

Find Position Without Help

:30 Hold In Perfect Position (Free)

Handstand Hold:

Practice Lockout

Then, w./ 2 Spotters:

Into HS From Lunge Position First With: – One Leg Lifted – Kicking Up Themself

Kicking Up From Standing Position

Practice Balance – Hold Form & Tension