Gymnastic #15

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Gymnastic Warm Up #12 (No Measure)

2 Rounds Of:

10/10 PVC Around The World

10m Alligator Walk

10/10 Knee Touches

10m Crab Walk


2×5 Nordic Hamstring Curl (w./ Partner)


Gymnastic Strength #6


:05 Hollow Hold

5 Hollow Rocks

5 Alligator Rolls Left

:05 Arch Hold

5 Arch Rocks

5 Alligator Rolls Right

5 V-Ups

05: Hollow Hold

Gymnastic Strength #7

One Max Set Each – Rest As Needed:

Support Hold

Support Hold In Tucked Position

Support Hold + Twisted Knee Raises

Strict Dips

Strict Dips + Twisted Knee Raises

Skill Practice

Muscle Up Practice

2 Rouns Of:

:30 False Grip Ring Row Hold

:30 Flase Grip Ring Hold

Then, In The Low Rings 2 Rounds Of:

4 Negtive Muscle Ups (Toes On The Ground If Needed)

4 Kneeling Muscle Ups


Every :30 For 15 Rounds:

1 False Grip Ring Pull Up (Ring Row) As Deep As Possible