Gymnastic #12

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Gymnastic Warm Up #9 (No Measure)

3 Rounds Of:

100m Run

20 Air Squat

15 Hollow Rock

10 Kip Swing

5 Inch Worm


10/10 Twisted Downward Dog


GymComplex #4


3x X/X Shoulder Taps

2x X/X Plank Plate Jumps

1x X Push Ups

Set A Fix Number For „X“, With That You Can Repeat 10 Rounds @ A Good Form!!!

Pistol Practice

– Squats With Heels & Knees Together

– One Step Back Pistol Lunges

– Pistols On A Box (Negative)

– Pistols On A Bank w./ Add. High

– Pistols