Gymnastic #10

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Line Up Drill #1 (No Measure)

Line Up Drill (10m each):

– Walking Lunges Hands OH Together

– Air Planes w. Rotation

– Bear Clawl

– Hamstring Stretch Walk (Heels Down)

– Bear Walk

– Into Handstand Hops 1.1.1

– Crab Walk

– Inch Worms


GymComplex #1

Perform Every :90 A Complex Of:

X False Grip Ring Rows +

1 Muscle Up Transition +

X Ring Dips +

2x:0X L-Sit Hold

Set A Fix Number For „X“, With That You Can Repeat 10 Rounds @ A Good Form!!!

RX+ The Same In The High Rings With Pull Ups And A (Strict) Muscle Up!!!

Skill Practice



W./ A Partner

Find Position /Tritop – Mid Head

Knees On Ellbows

Tucked Position

One Leg Reach w./ Tactical Feed Back

Both Legs Reach w./ Tactical Feedback

Find Position Without Help

:30 Hold In Perfect Position (Free)

Try 3 Ground Touches
When Yuo Have Done It Before And Crushed It, Try:

2:00 Hold, Alt. Single Leg Lifts, L- Holds Or Kipping Against The Wall