Gymnastic #1 (Hollow/Arch/Pistol)

CrossFit Bielefeld – Gymnastik


Line Up Drill #1 (No Measure)

Line Up Drill (10m each):

– Walking Lunges Hands OH Together

– Air Planes w. Rotation

– Bear Clawl

– Hamstring Stretch Walk (Heels Down)

– Bear Walk

– Into Handstand Hops 1.1.1

– Crab Walk

– Inch Worms

Gym Partner Stretches (No Measure)

– 10 Thoracic Rotation + 5 Slides Each Side

– 10 Thoracic Extension

– :45 Shoulder Stretch

. 5 Scap Presses Each Side

Rip-Cage / Hip Complex (No Measure)

Take 2:00 To Prctice Control Over Posterior/Anterior Movement In All It´s Variations

Understand The Difference Between WL & GYM Position

Skill Practice

Hollow Pracitce

With A Partner:

Tucked Hollow Hold

Hollow Sit Up For 5 Reps

One Legged Hollow Hold For :10 Each

From V- Into Hollow w. Arms Short

From V- Into Hollow x. Arms Long

Rock In Tucked Position

Rock In Hollow Position

2:00 Test For Virtuosity

Arch Practice

With A Partner:

– Practice Position w. Arms & Legs On The Floor

– Practice Upper Body Position w. Legs Blocked

– Practice Lower Body Position w. Thoracic Blocked

– Practice Arch Hold

– Start To Rock From Push Up Position

– 2:00 Test For Virtuosity

Pistol Practice

– Squats With Heels & Knees Together

– One Step Back Pistol Lunges

– One Leg Crossed Behind Pistols

– Pistols On A Box

– Pistols