E3MOM15 (DB Front Rack Lunge/BD THR/T2B)

CrossFit Bielefeld – CrossFit


Warm Up #97 (No Measure)

2 Rounds Of:

:30Ring Support Hold

20 Empty Bar Thrusters

6 Kip Swings + 6 Toes to Bar


Banded Overhead Tricep Stretch :90/Side

Skill Practice

HandStand Practice

Handstand Hold:

Practice Lockout

Then, w./ 2 Spotters:

Into HS From Lunge Position First With:

One Leg Lifted

Kicking Up Themself

Kicking Up From Standing Position

Practice Balance – Hold Form & Tension


E3MOM15 (DB Front Rack Lunge(DB THR/T2B) (No Measure)


16m DB Front Rack Lunge @ 2×22,5/15 KG

12 Toes to Bar

8 DB Thrusters @ 2×22,5/15 KG

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work #36 (No Measure)


20/15 Calories on Bike / Rower Or Ski Erg

Keep Moving Slowly for “Rest”