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Trainings Tips

Heute ist Skill-Day!

Hab Spass und arbeite an deinen Bewegungen.

Skill Practice

1: Snatch (6x 3Reps)

Every 2Min for 6 Sets

Work up to a moderate Weight

No Touch and Go

Concentrate; NO FAILS!!!


EMOM 12Min

Min1: HSPU

Min2: 5 Front Squat

2.1: Handstand Push-ups

Round 1/2/3: 1-5 Strict HSPU

Round 4/5/6: 5-10 Kipping HSPU

Scaling: 5-10 Hand Release PushUps

2.2: Front Squat (5 Reps @75%)


3: Midline (No Measure)


GHD Sit Ups

Hip Extension